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Like I did at #100, I will recap my favorites from the last 100 posts. I will take a photo or two from each post, feel free to click on the link to see the whole set. It should be noted not long after I post this I will change my mind about the top ten… but I won’t cheat and change them.

Thank you for reading, commenting and subscribing – it really keeps me inspired to get out there and keep going! Seriously… I’ve been writing this blog for almost 2 years and if no one ever read it I would’ve stopped ages ago!

#10: In The Trenches



WW2 reenacting is a hobby my husband loves. So not only did I have the opportunity to get some great photos, I got to spend some time with my guy doing what we love.

#9: From dust you came… an abandoned Philadelphia church



I have taken a lot of photos in a lot of abandoned buildings but having to do little to no post processing, keeping the natural light and colors, this set is among my favorites.

#8: Curiosities of the Asbury Park Boardwalk



This was one of those days I just got out, with no particular destination from the get go, and just had a great day doing what I love to do. Asbury Park had so many of my favorite things to shoot, and of all the shots, these two are by far my favorite.

#7: Golden Hour in the Garden State



This was a breaking out of sorts. Inspired by some photography friends I stepped out of my comfort zone and starting photographing… *gasp* … people! I used to be so uncomfortable asking random strangers “may I take your picture?” but now it comes so easily.

#6: Stargazing at Apple Pie Hill



I have always loved astronomy and going out at night to photograph remarkable astrological happenings is one of my very favorite things.

#5: Happy Obscura Day! [Eastern State Penn Take 3]



Eastern State Penitentiary is still one of my favorite places to go, and this day in particular not only did I see some usually off limits areas, I met a few new friends, too. Atlas Obscura, the creator of Obscura Day who made this tour and hundreds others all over the world, featured the above photograph on their blog post which made it extra sweet!

#4: Sunrise at the seashore



This is a set of photos I just love… I know at least one will make it on my wall.

#3: Watt is love? Baby don’t hertz me.



This is a post I wasn’t particularly happy with the photographs, however it is by far my favorite place I’ve ever explored. Nikola Tesla is such an amazing historical figure, and to step on the grounds where he once trod, I was so in awe photos were almost a chore, interrupting my geeky zen. The fact that my phone broke because of the natural electromagnetic energy of the area, something Tesla took into great consideration when choosing his lab sites, was just the coolest thing.

#2: Today is one of the best days of my whole life.


This is the most personal entry on my blog, and it really was one of the best days I’ve ever had. The joy of getting the news that my child who had been sick for three long years was all better still brings me to tears to this day.

#1: Post-Sandy in Staten Island



This was one of the few times I really felt like I was doing something so much bigger than just taking photos. After Hurricane Sandy, I was so moved by the spirit of community and the relief efforts I set out over several days to tell a few stories of the people and communities affected by this horrible natural disaster. I still look at the Sandy entries often, but most particularly this one because of the amazing people I met. It was such a privilege to tell their story.