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When I took these photos I was on my way to Sea Bright, which at the time was closed to only residents (it’s since opened and I will be making a return trip). Driving through this lovely town there were signs on the major roads telling Sea Bright Residents where they could get a shower, some food and a place to sleep. Being detoured from the bridge to Sea Bright I drove through a tiny part of Rumson along the bay and saw for myself that this town has been battered and flooded, too. It was not the scale that Sea Bright saw, but folks were still unable to be in their homes, still without electricity, and that didn’t stop this small town from being so charitable to their neighbors.

If you look closely you will see the line of debris from the flood waters and that tree was the only thing stopping that boat from washing right into the neighborhood.


The house next door unfortunately served the same purpose.


Across the street the 5 foot storm surge took out part of this porch. It may look fixable, but chances are this home will be razed and need rebuilding. Flooding is terrible like that.


I’m not sure how this photo got perched on this dumpster. I like to think that while this family was throwing away the entire contents of their home, they put this here to have a reason to smile.