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Lately I have been struggling with photography.  If you’ve read through more than a few of my posts you’ll see I’m kind of everywhere.  Nature, urbex, architecture, portraiture… it’s because much like nurses will work in different specialties to find their passion I have had to do the same thing to figure out where I want to spend my energies.  There are thousands of mediocre photographers and I just don’t *do* mediocre.  Uninspired attitude begets uninspired photographs and I just don’t want to publish mediocre work.

My biggest problem has been wanting more from photographs.  Yes, that’s a cool abandoned prison, that’s a pretty flower, that’s a nice landscape but I’m feeling la-di-dah about it.  A unique angle, a well-lit subject, a neat camera effect is desirable but I want more of me in my work and I’m not talking self portraits.

Today I came across the work of Kristy Mitchell.  I have seen lots of similar work but I was really moved by this photograph.



I remember when I was recently at some ruins in the pine barrens thinking to myself “I wish I had something to pose on those arches.”


Life growing from this beautiful form – I know now where I want to go.  I have a lot to learn along the way – but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Until then I promised myself to keep taking photos of anything that suits my fancy.  I will allow myself to make mistakes, to take risks, and to quit beating myself up.

Photo: "allow yourself to make mistakes"... it's tough when you're your own worst critic!
Thank you to all who read my little blog and supports me along the way.
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