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It’s been almost 5 months since I started my little photography blog. This is my first real successful attempt at blogging. Like MANY people, I start one, post a dozen or so times and forget about it. There’s something about photography and writing that I love so much it’s become a part of my daily routine. Thanks for all who follow, stop by, comment and like these entries! I thought I’d make my 100th post my 10 most favorite entries. I will only share 1 or 2 favorite photos from each one, to see the rest of the photos (if any) click on the title.

#10: Fairmount Park + 60° fall day + dusk = perfection.

I looooooove Philly. I’ve lived all over the country and while Seattle will always have my heart, Philly holds my soul. This was one of many trips around the city for the sake of walking around the city.

Life really is a walk in the park

Philly, from University City

#9: Local weirdness and beauty

Not only did I get some neat photos, but this happens to be the very first time I went out for the sole purpose of taking pictures.

#8 Trip to a train yard

This was a fun outing. You know you have an addiction when you tack on some time at the end of your kid’s birthday party to go explore some crusty old trains!

Decaying train car

Beautiful interior to a self propelled coach car

#7 Roebling, New Jersey

This day was another early dedicated trip for photos. I just really love how these turned out and how I got to talk with so many people in town. It was a great day.

train engine

This crane helped build the Brooklyn bridge

#6 Hello, snow!

The first snow (and so far only snow) of the year was short lived, but at least I have good photographic evidence.



#5 Eastern State Penn take 2

I love this place – it just never gets boring and there’s always good stuff to see! This would be one of my top posts had it not been for my utter disappointment in how the photos turned out. Looks like I will need to go back soon with my better lenses and external flash… do a make-up session. Unfortunately this part of the prison is only open to the public once every couple years.

Cell block

door and arch in the hospital wing

#4 So… this happened.

Not a particularly “popular” post, but this early entry was the “holy shit, I can totally do this!” moment. I’ve taken a million pictures of my kids, and this one is one of my very favorites.

#3 365 Project: Day 8

My favorite macro shot so far. I think I captured something beautiful here.


#2 Abandoned Juvenile Detention Center

This was a seriously fun explore. It was me, just driving around and finding something incredible.

taken over


#1 The Colorado posts. (not all, but most)

Yea, it’s cheating to have FIVE number ones but it’s my blog and I make the rules. The simple truth of it is I adore telling stories. Writing from memory comes so easily for me and I find that of all the posts I’ve gone back and visited the most, it’s these.

Colorado: Day 1 – You win some, you lose some

Abandoned orphanage, CO

Colorado: Day 2, part 1 – Giant Barbies make excellent barbed wire props

Ludlow, CO

Colorado: Day 3, Part 1 – “Remember that time you were gonna walk across that lake to get to the mountain?”

Sunrise salutation

Colorado: Day 3, Part 2 – Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Broken reflections

Final Colorado Post: I’m a barbie girl.

Peer pressure barbie