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As promised, here’s the road trip’s mascot. I’m almost as sad ending these series of entries as I was leaving Colorado! Buuuuuut, it looks like we’re fixing to take her on another road trip in the summer. Stay tuned!

Summary of her exploits:
Colorado trip

Gas Station Attendant Barbie
Gas Station Attendant Barbie

2nd job Barbie
2nd job Barbie

Fear and loathing in Alamosa Barbie
Barkeep Barbie

Date Rape Barbie
Date rape Barbie

Dune Sledding Barbie
Barbie on the dunes

Bath Time Barbie
Bath time Barbie

Peer Pressure Barbie
Peer pressure barbie

Hangover Barbie
Barbie can't hang

Short Bus Barbie
Barbie on the short bus

Cage Wrasslin Barbie
Barbie at Bishop's Castle

Pole Dancing Barbie
Law breakin barbie

Trespassing Barbie
Barbie in Ludlow

Walsenburg Barbie
Barbie at Walsenburg

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Love the Polaroids? Freeware download HERE