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Leaving the dunes was tough; I was enjoying laying on the sand and basking in the sun.  Getting up and shlepping back to the car meant 20 straight minutes of being out of breath.  I was still getting used to Colorado altitude.  Fortunately by now I was no longer popping Dramamine & ibuprofen, washing it down with ginger ale thanks to a queasy belly, but I’ll be damned if anything more than a casual walk wasn’t like running the Boston Marathon.

Dee and I get back to the car and head on our way to Walsenburg.  We had made this same drive the night before so I had missed this little stretch of highway that hugged the mountain because well… it was just so damned dark.

Enter my fear of heights.

I won’t lie, I completely spazzed.  I was doing everything I could to forget we were on a winding mountain road with what seemed to be a very inadequate guard rail but NOTHING was working.  As hilarious as this was for Dee (and in hindsight, me as well), I decided it was Xanax time.  I had only ever taken it maybe once before in my life, and I immediately deduced that this teeny pill was one of the best inventions ever.  Of course by the time it kicked in (not long, surprisingly) we were out of the mountains and near our destination: the Walsenburg Power Plant we had missed the day prior.

This proved to be the most leisurely stroll through an abandonment, ever.  I’m usually pretty perked up and on alert for things like druggies or hobos and the like and I go in with a strategy of what I’m going to explore and how to not waste time.  I was chatting with Dee about Ludlow earlier in the drive and told her not to take her time as much when we’re not exactly supposed to be somewhere, just so if we had to leave quickly we’d have gotten the most out of our time there.  Apparently the me on Xanax says “to hell with it” and gingerly trots around piles of asbestos and tetanus-laden metal without a care in the world.  It was pretty fun, actually, but I wouldn’t recommend it in say, a warehouse in North Philly.

Power plant front view

Power plant



Broken reflections

Fuse boxes

wierd pipes



Loft walkup




Window pieces

Big ass hook


Dead man walking

These things were EVERYWHERE surrounding the entire building and I thought they were adorable and worth capturing.