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Christmas was an exhausting, wonderful, and happy day. My sister is here from Seattle and stopped by and the kids were going batshit over their new [vintage] GI Joes. It was a good day.

A technical note: My learning curve with my 20mm prime continues. My AF and I almost came to fisticuffs; why I didn’t just use a single focus point and work from there is beyond me (it could just be I was buzzed from about 2:30-on) so some of these are lacking sharpness, or in focus-ness. Acclimating to low light/shallow DOF is not easy. I guess this is the point in every photographer’s journey where they go from letting their camera do all the work and making the camera do what you want it to do, and knowing when each is appropriate.

Now for the photos. If you mouse over the pics you’ll get the caption. I’m too tired to retype them.
Christmas Eve!

The greenest cookies I've ever seen

Christmas eve - my little helper

Santa came!

Hooray, it’s Christmas Day!
GI Joe movie!

Santa brought energy drinks!

Oh hai.  I has present.


very iiiinteresting...


After breakfast - a little chillin before marathon cooking

Baby + bat = fun

kitty cuddles



some of the spread

People got whacked

playing with bubbles

playing with bubbles


I'm not sure what this was about, but it's adorable

Pretty much...