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The plan was to be up at 5:30, out the door by 6:15 and be at the dunes by sunrise a little after 7.  Laughing yet?  We actually DID wake up on time, but still feeling the consequences of the previous night (ie. 3 hours ago) we ran a little late, but were still on our way well before sunrise.

I had never heard of the Great Sand Dunes before Dee had suggested we go but if they were any bit as fun as the ones at Nags Head I was totally down. Catching a scenic sunrise was bonus. We pull into a park and after many attempts to get to the dunes at the foot of the big ass mountain a good 10 miles away were thwarted by closed gates. It was then Dee, in an unequivocal manner, proclaimed we would walk across this giant frozen lake to the mountain that might as well had been 2 states over. She packed her stuff… I sat. “Dood, I’m not walking… I think I’m still drunk. And I’m cold. And that looks far.” “Yea” she agreed, “let’s try another way”. So no death march to the mountain! Yay!

Turns out we were in the wrong park, like, not even close. The sun had risen on the horizon, but not over the mountains in front of us. It was quite beautiful, actually. We get to the right park… it’s amazing how these ginormous dunes just sneak up on you. We quickly unpack and walk slightly faster haul ass to the foot of the dunes just in time for the sun to crest the mountains. It was amazing.

Sunrise salutation

Snow and sand

Birdie prints


Dee and dunes

Now I’m not entirely sure when it was we decided it would be a cool idea to bring a wedding dress and an evening gown to the dunes for pictures, but it turned out to be as awesome as I thought it might be.

Taking Dee’s picture is like playing backup for Pink Floyd. She is a rockstar of portrait photography. I think I done good! Edited by Dee:

Dee 4

Dee 3

Dee 2

Dee 1

Yep. Hawt.

Our plans for sledding down the dunes was an epic fail, but fancy dresses in the freezing cold was enough fun. Giant barbie had a good time, too.