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Yea… that’s right, toyS. Plural. Really expensive, totally awesome camera toys. I blogged about the birthday lens, but what I found out later was some of my awesome family had pooled their money together and actually purchased my much needed f1.4 20mm prime. Just like that. Because they believe in what I do. Fucking a.

That only ever happened once before in my life – when I was 15 and I joined a symphony, lousy student cello in tow. My mom, single, waitressing and barely making it gave me the option: car or cello. This was one of the few smart choices I made as a teenager. She took me to Hammond Ashley, a boutique string instrument store in the Seattle area and bought me the one I wanted. I still play; professionally as it happens. It’s not a full time gig but it’s a nice way to keep at the instrument I love so much while making money from it for my family.

She also as a birthday/Christmas gift contributed to a 580 ex flash… and that’s on its way, too!

So enough wishy washy! The very last picture my kit lens took is of its replacements.

New toys!

Here’s the first shot from the Sigma, SOOC.

First shot!

And from the Canon, SOOC

First shot!

THANK YOU to my amazing hubby and those who pitched in!  What FANTASTIC birthday and Christmas presents!  I owe you portraits for like… EVAH.

I ordered this bag now that the little one my came with the camera is inadequate.  You can’t beat military surplus!  Gonna get one of those nifty padded inserts and I’ll be rockin and rollin!