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Hotel hot tub

The Comfort Inn located in Alamosa has permanently set the bar when it comes to what I expect from any hotel I’m staying at.
In no particular order:
Hot Tub
Guy to show you how to use the hot tub; preferably hot, but ours on this trip was not. I think he may have been a little traumatized coming into the room with me sitting on the bed giving giant barbie a mullet, but I digress.
Access to FREE unlimited quantities of alcohol mixers, including but not limited to juices, sodas and seltzers
Vessels, large ones, for the above.
Free food

At the breakfast bar there is a juice machine with cranberry, orange, and apple juices. The concierge was kind enough to supply me with an extra ice bukkit to hold the juice separate from the ice. It was a damned fine setup and I was impressed with myself. Then Dee and I proceeded to drink half a bottle (those really big ones… like a 2 liter) of vodka mixed with 1.25 bukkits of cranberry juice.

We had a fun night.

Dee crashed after hardly sleeping in like 4 days and I was still wired so I decided to look at my photos from the day, and ones from the airport. Then I opened lightroom. Come on… don’t judge – you KNOW you’ve done it. You might have told yourself you didn’t know better, that all your photog friends have done it and didn’t get in trouble with their clients but at the end of the day, deep down, you know it’s just not a good idea.

Unlike music where being in an altered state supposedly enhances your art (I wouldn’t know… a couple of puffs off a doob back in the day before I’d play or sing would cause me to become paranoid and tone deaf) I am pretty sure photography is exempt from this logic. Currently I am REuploading the Ludlow pics and for posterity I will record what I actually thought was a cool picture.

Making it B&W makes it ART.
Phila airport

Tomorrow… Dune, where’s my car?!