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My bud was late getting pics to me for yesterday’s post but I think I like that this will get its own.

Dee wrote some great things which I’ve captioned below and I have to say, the photos at Eastern State Penn were cut short by a sick hubby and little Jake getting stung by a wasp at the beginning of the session.  Still, the pictures are beautiful, she did her best to correct a puffy, bee stung little face and the fact that we were in 4,000,000 degree heat.  It’s really a true testament to what a fabulous professional she really is.  So here are some of the favorite photos of hers and mine from that HOT late July day.

I am quite flattered how she mentions learning from me.  This blog, my photos would probably not be here if it weren’t for all those hours she spent teaching me how to use my camera, what to buy, how to edit… She showed me a passion I love second only to my music.  Thanks for that – and you’re welcome to crash in the third floor penthouse anytime 😀

From Dee:

After a bottle of wine, Dawn and I thought it would be unique to do their portraits in the Eastern State Pen. After we visited the first time to scout, I think both of us were sold. Everyone thought we were nuts, but after I posted this first one all the other girls wanted to jump on board.

The quintessential family shot- inside an old prison. I thought it was awesome.

Dawn didn’t choose this one as a favorite but I loved it, it was like her and her husband were sharing some sort of private joke I couldn’t understand. Probably regarding the joys of having 3 kids under 5.

Admittedly cliche, everyone does the “family walking away” shot. But hey, when it’s a cool location like this one you can’t roll your eyes and say “seen it”

The reason I love lifestyle is because I get to know the families, their personalities and I get to see children in their natural state. Trust me, had I set up a backdrop, these three would have sat for two seconds and RUN for their lives. Instead, we stick them in a bath and get to see each one of them interacting with each other (no more “act like you like your brother, damnit!”) in such a neat way.


Unfortunately because I really suck at planning, I didn’t get to finish the few days I spent in PA with my in home lifestyle. After this bath session, I had planned on taking photos of family snuggle time, reading books, that sort of thing. I’m already planning a trip next year (when flights are cheap!) to follow Dawn around to some of her amazing trespassing spots and learn from her (yes!) Hopefully this time it won’t be 100BILLION degrees and I can just follow everyone around with a camera.

On a side note, I love following families around with a camera. So if you are interested, I am for hire!

Fall Child Photography