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I have passed this house almost every day and each time just DYING to get in. So squeezing in some time after mall santa and before a Christmas party I tromp through a squishy, grassy field and finally get a peek inside.

Immediately I was shocked by how the back of the house looked. The whole structure was bowed outward and down. In contrast, the front of the house looked solid and this was the condition I had expected to find the rest of the building. The roof was completely gone in the back with only exposed rafters remaining. Walking through the back door proved impossible because the floor of the second level had partially collapsed. What I could get into was really quite beautiful, I thought, covered in ivy and other green things, nature slowly swallowing it up. While I was disappointed in the condition of the house, at least my curiosity is satisfied!


Fire escape




squeaked in a shot of the kitchen

Boarded shut

looking out from the porch

Back door

No stairs needed

ps.  I think now is a good time to invest in a lens hood.