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This can’t be normal, unless of course it’s your job to take photographs, then yes, I imagine the thought of leaving the house without your trusty camera is not a pleasant one.  For me, it’s more of “the fish that got away” syndrome.

Many of the photographs on my blog are taken during the course of my day when something happens to catch my eye and I happen (by no accident) to have my camera in tow; especially when it comes to my kids.  Others, were deliberate trips and just a few were preceded by a rush to run home and get the damned camera before say, the fog lifts.  Whatever the reason I have conditioned myself to have it with me at all times, fully charged and ready to go ever since that fateful day when I missed the opportunity to photograph some dust devils.  Here in Jersey to have worthwhile dust devils to photograph are rare, indeed.  Lesson learned.

So today as usual my subconscious mind was hard at work noticing the otherwise inconspicuous and photographically yummy, I found myself saying “Oh hello!” in my best (unintentional) Mr. Sulu voice to a lovely little abandonment.  And yea baby… I had my camera.

Building outside



Growing upwards


Loo with a view