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I don’t go into superstores enough to see quality mullets like this… le sigh.

So today was a super terrific day!  I sang for the first time with a barbershop group, and it was well… harmonious.  Just really super fun!  So at the “afterglow” party I snapped some pictures of a wonderful male quartet called Round Midnight.  These guys are young, talented and really charismatic on stage.  Not exactly… you know…

So In low light basement-of-a-restaurant hell (50mm lens… please?  Anybody?  Birthday, Christmas?!) my pop up flash came on.  I took one picture and yuckkkkkkkkkkarghghghghh.  So I grabbed a white paper napkin and made a sort of tilt-o-whirl shape in front of the flash so some of the light would pass through and the rest would bounce back behind me and up onto the ceiling above.  Yea… I’m gonna pat my back seeing as I just started figuring this photography thing out a couple months ago.  A photographer/sculptor in the room was even impressed with my jury rigged light diffuser!  So here’s a couple of pics.

You need to listen… this folks, is real talent!