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…some more megapixels and a decent wide angle – but most of all, the ability to not choke when it counts.  I went on a field trip Thanksgiving morning, to do some bonafied urban exploring (if you have to ask “Why a holiday?” then you may want to learn a bit more about the essence of Urbex).  Where I originally wanted to go I needed some Mission Impossible type equipment and some more intestinal fortitude so I drove around northeast Philly and found as expected, some abandoned warehouses and other remnants of Philly’s industrial boom.

I found a great warehouse to poke around and just as I started feeling good I heard some water turn on (which I thought it was odd that the warehouse has running water…).   Since I wanted to get home to my family in one piece and with all my equipment I left.  This was northeast Philly – and not the nice part, so I wasn’t taking any chances.  I got out of about 18 frames only TWO decent shots.  Why?  Because my dumbass must’ve accidentally pressed the focus point selector and was too excited to notice the red dots in the viewfinder.  I discovered this after I got home and was taking pictures of the kids. This, is what the kids call an EPIC FAIL.  It’s called “Adventures of a Photog Wannabe” for a reason.  So after a laugh at my own expense, I present my bounty – from 2 hours of work. Ha.

Abandoned warehouse in NE Philly

This actually looks useable.