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Well, thanks to photoshop, you can.

For example, I was photographing my favorite local mansion (which happens to be for sale… *swoon*) I was on the varanda, and took this shot:

Cool, right? Neat lines, paint looks interesting… Of course pre-edit it looked like this:

Kinda out of focus, the lines are still there but it’s just not the same. It’s amazing what cropping, some lightroom presets and sharpening can do.

For an amateur, better equipment and good editing software can be stifling. So the goal of today was to take some photos: one shot per intention. I’m taking the color out to focus only on composition and and that’s it. I left armed with some new focusing techniques and I came home with six frames in my camera. This set is all about reflection.


Reflections, a set on Flickr.