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This crane helped build the Brooklyn bridgeThis held something at one timeSide of the stationHoley houseOld train stationRailroad ties
Underbelly of heavy equipmentOld train cabintrain engineAlleywaySt. Nicholas Picnic Grove - still in use suring warmer monthsSign at picnic grove
Abandoned garageOld drainpipeHalf dead foliage

Roebling, New Jersey, a set on Flickr.

This town, named for the Roebling family whose company built the Brooklyn Bridge, is one constructed by that company for its employees. Much of it still remains as it was including equipment, old buildings and a train station.

My goal was to get into the steel mill. My luck, someone decided to pull some late hours in an adjacent building. The door was open facing the only accessible portion through the fence (“Are you kidding me?!” I was pissed.) Another day.

I did get some good shots of the old train, heavy equipment and the station.

I drove through town and found what I thought was an abandoned picnic area. The back fenced area was gone for easy access. I was shocked to find out later that it was only closed for the winter months, that in its condition it was still a used space, although the parish that owns it may eventually have to sell the land due to economic stress.

The door to the women’s bathroom was open and I heard someone cough in there and decided it was best stay clear of there.

After the picnic area I strolled through town. There was so much to see. It was actually quite depressing how obvious it is that this town is struggling. I got some pics of a really creepy abandoned garage, and the outside of the coveted steel mill. I have plans for that place and my throwaway clothes are neatly folded and in my closet waiting for a trip back.