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I was doing some reconnaissance for a site I’d like to visit.  See, I had a revelation: the reason why I’m finding tons of photos of these awesome places that you’re not supposed to go is because 5,000 people have already been there.  It in no way diminishes my desire to visit said places, I just want to put a spotlight on all the amazing forgotten places right in my backyard.

Anyhoo, I know of some great spots very local that I couldn’t find a single pic of so I go to check out this cool abandoned mansion to get started.  I go to take a look when… oh my… look at that 20,000 square foot forgotten industrial who-knows-what directly to my right.  What mansion? So since it was dark at this point I decided to pack it up and save it for a day when there’s enough light that I don’t walk into a mercury puddle or step on some hepatitis/tetanus/ebola laden nail etc. etc. etc.

So in order to not feel like it was a total waste of time, I took a photo of the bridge nearby.  I was going to get a photo of SOMETHING, dammit.

Burlington/Bristol Bridge