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Old vending machineWhitesbog general storecranberries on the bushStill some cranberries left!cranberry bog pumphousedrained bog
Pine tree off a harvested bogtreacherous drive through the bogsIsaac unimpressedrows of homesWhat's left of some buildingWooden shingles
Funky Jersey pinesSome creepy structurePinelands Antique Engine Assn. Buildingfarmhousetree carcassBlueberry/cranberry tour wagon garage
Water tower

White’s Bog Village, NJ, a set on Flickr.

My goal was to get here before the bulk of the cranberries were harvested. The farmers had long packed up for the day, but I got the nickel tour in my Durango down some treacherous, thin, and pothole-riddled trails.

First stop was through the actual village of White’s Bog. This is a seriously creepy place. It was so quiet only the sounds of my own footsteps, my tinnitus, and an occasional helicopter landing at the nearby army base were heard.

Without doing any research, I am convinced M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village was filmed here. Or it should’ve been. It is just so creepy. This 100 year old farming village has about a dozen real homes and many barrack-type structures that are covered in wooden shingles and their front doors are padlocked. A look through the window of one and behind the country looking curtains was a quaint, well maintained living space. It was just completely empty. Almost post apocalyptic.

I remember thinking to myself “If someone jumps out to murder me, I won’t be surprised.”

Then it was on to the bogs.  I decided after walking the village on foot fearing for my life, and fear of deer ticks, that the miles of trails through the cranberry bogs would best be traversed via car.  After the first of many ginormous potholes I was really grateful I took the Durango on this outing.  The trails are wide enough to accommodate some large trucks and that’s it.  No median, and when I found myself on the road facing another car who for some strange reason couldn’t understand the directional signs, I would have to back up, sometimes 50 yards to get to a turnoff.

The bogs were amazing.  The 70 degree weather, fall foliage, occasional friendly passerby, and a content little Isaac in the backseat made for a pleasant afternoon.  I would keep the car running, snap a few pics and move on.  My goal for this trip was to take as few photos as possible.  I ended up snapping 61, about 1/3 of which I considered “blog worthy”.  Not bad.