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I was really lucky to have a real photographer with me the first and second time I went to the Eastern State Penitentiary. Even luckier, in fact, I was allowed to borrow some of her equipment! She taught me what all those little settings on my DSLR were for, when and where they’re best suited and how to use that big ass flash of hers. Apparently you don’t just point it at whatever it is your shooting like nearly every picture I’ve seen of a photographer sporting one does, rather it’s purpose has more finesse. I really enjoyed using the flash. I am a lover of pool, the mathmatics and physics involved. I found the flash interesting for the same reason.

Next weekend ESP is offering a hard-hat tour of Cellblock 3, the Hospital Block, includes views into the recovery rooms, X-Ray room, and psychiatric holding cells. These are places you don’t ordinarily get to tour and it looks like it will be amazing. So I made a reservation to go on Sunday.

Then this morning while I was searching for activities for the kids I stumbled upon the Pennhurst State School about 45 minutes from me. Apparently this was the real deal of Dr. Mengela type torture when it came to mental health patients. Right now it’s been taken over by a lame haunted house, but that is all coming down Monday. I think it’s actually pretty damned distasteful to make a haunted house from a place where so many children and adults suffered. I remember watching this expose video for college but at the time I had no idea it was so close and remained open until the 80’s:

So after the suggestion by that same photographer that came with me to ESP to rent a good lens (and I’ll get a flash, too I plan to make it a creeptastic weekend – Pennhurst on Saturday and ESP on Sunday!  I can’t wait!

I’ll close this post off with the photos from the last time I went to ESP.