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I have passed this amazing structure a thousand times, and each time thinking to myself I should get a photo of it. So on my way home from the pediatrician yesterday I stopped to snap a picture but there was something alarmingly different. A fence around the barn with the sign “Save Swedes Run Barn” attached to it. What happened?!  I found this article HERE that detailed how Moorestown Township did not feel the $160,000 it would take to repair the building after it being declared unsafe by the town’s inspector was worth it.  Anyone who knows Moorestown knows it is a beautiful town with historic buildings abound.  It’s also a wealthy town – VERY wealthy.  So it makes me doubly pissed that a. the township won’t repair it and b. the Historical Society is still needing donations to buy the barn (which sits on a pristine 130 acres of preserved space).  So I will send them what I can and I encourage you to do the same.

Donations by check should be made out to The Historical Society of Moorestown with “barn restoration” on the memo line. Donations should be mailed to Julie Maravich, 660 Chester Ave., Moorestown, NJ 08057. **taken from the article**

Here’s a photo with the fence unretouched:

And because it’s that time of year…