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Says my husband as we pulled up to Penn Treaty Park in northeast Philly (Penn Treaty?) It’s really is a beautiful park with access to the riverfront, a graffiti covered playground and lovely rolling hills it was no surprise I saw two groups come for pictures in the span of 2 hours. This is a little gem surrounded by remnants of heavy industry in Philly’s Fishtown.

I realized how different I look at things now that I try and photograph the world around me. While I had noticed the prodigious building just a few yards past an ominous old fence I couldn’t take my eyes off of it on this particular trip. Same holds true for another which seemingly stood in the middle of the river. So my poor husband was left to fend for himself with our 3 children while I went and had some fun.

First is the PECO building. Here’s two edits. The sky was AMAZING so it pained me to edit it away but through the blue filter it just looked terrific.

I don’t need a fence to want to stay out of there…

I just loved this building.

I am pretty sure this group was for a sweet 16.  My 16th birthday was NOTHING like this.  Ah, the wonders of photoshop where that pole coming out of your head can be removed…

And because I’m the proud mama that I am…