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“People act like idiots when they see someone with a camera”

That was a new experience… I had my camera around my neck walking around a historic neighboring town and perhaps people thought I was with a newspaper or something?


So first stop was actually a little bridge over a tributary that feeds into the Delaware River. I’m REALLY scared of bridges. I thought the tininess of this particular bridge would make me feel at ease but there is NOTHING comforting about the feeling of the whole damned thing shaking with every car that passes.

But I digress.

It was a lovely warm fall day but once I took a look at these pictures I thought they needed to look chilly.


The first here is one of the bridge lights. It was on the outside of the bridge. I wriggled around the opening where the bridge creases where it opens (it was there I had thoughts of becoming stuck and getting smushed by the bridge… did I mention I’m terrified of bridges?) and snapped a few quick shots. That explains the angle of it.

This leads to my little nook I crawled into.

I really like these wooden supports.  Not sure what these are for, exactly but it’s sort of accidentally architectural in a neat way.

More of the supports and the creek’s edge.


While I was out I decided to snap a picture of these berries.  They look like tiny tomatoes.  I like tiny versions of things.  This edit was totally by accident… turned out to be pretty cool.

This is the strangest garden posing as a real garden I think I’ve seen in a while.  Those are boxes with three slats running along the inside with holes drilled in them to fit little bundles of fake poinsettias in front of an otherwise normal house.


So back to the other side of the bridge I came to what I had originally planned to snap some photos of: The Philadelphia Keystone Watch Case Company building – a landmark building in Riverside built in 1908.

I think I should have this on my house…

The famous clock tower


Once again the walk back proved to be interesting… “If you don’t live here please don’t sit here”


I parked by an abandoned garage which turned out to be good camera fodder:

Around the side

You don’t see these every day

I am a sucker for vintage signs. This was across the street.  I was only going to get a snapshot of the sign but the building was cool too!